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Parking services

rFor your car park we offer convenient short and long term lease of parking premises, that are located just 1 km away from major highway intersetion with directions to Bratislava (45 km), Nitra (45 km) and Zilina (150 km).

Parking area has got tarmac surface with size of 8000 m2 divided into parking docks with dimensions of 3,5 x 20m and area of 70m2 each. Total parking capacity includes 52 truck parking docks and over 40 small vehicle parking places. DIY car wash area for trucks and small vehicles is a part of the parking premises.

The entire area is secured with video surveillance system including 6 cameras with continuous recording 24/7. You may control your vehicle fleet anywhere and anytime via your mobile device through the Internet. Entrance to the area is secured by electronic gate keeper and entry between 9 pm to 5:30 am is permitted only to electronic chip holders which is given upon contract signing and chips are registered to each vehicle according to number plate.

Besides the above mentioned services we can also manage manipulation and warehousing of your transported goods or lease handling devices which is part of the parking area.

Parking at Praktik s.r.o. gives you another advantage of using neighboring discount petrol station where you can fill your trucks with quality fuel for the best price before they go for a trip!

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