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Lease of administrative, production and warehousing premises starting
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Please, contact us for enquiry regarding vaccancy of premises, price for lease or to arrange inspection appointment.

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Lease of industrial premises

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We offer industrial premises for lease. Industrial park includes administrative, business and production premises for your business, which are located just 1 km away from major highway intersection with directions to Nitra (20 mins), Bratislava (25 mins) and Zilina (80 mins). Premises are situated in industrial area with size of 16 000 m2. Entrance to the area is secured by electronic gate keeper and entry between 9 pm to 5:30 am during week days and all weekend is permitted only to business partners who are holders of electronic entry. Entire area is monitored by video surveillance system with continuous recording 24/7. Client has an option to login to the system and monitor movement of personel and vehicles within the park via the Internet and mobile device.

Industrial park is fitted with an optical network through which is possible to provide high speed Internet and digital telecommunication connection of speed up to 100 Mbits.

Industrial park also offers large area of parking and manipulation grounds with tarmac surface.
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